Canada Expanding Detector Dog Program for ASF Defense

Canada is increasing its defense against African swine fever by more than doubling the total number of detector dog teams at Canada’s airports within five years.

The plan includes new funding of up to $31 million to add 24 Food, Plant, and Animal Detector Dog Service teams for a total of 39. Canada says the new teams are being deployed to help prevent illegally imported meat products from entering into Canada.

Canada, like the U.S., is bolstering its efforts to detect potentially illegal animal products from entering its borders as African swine fever remains a threat. Detector dogs in the U.S. recently discovered one million pounds of pork illegally imported from China, where African swine fever is wide-spread.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada says in a news release that meat and meat products from countries affected by African swine fever “present one of the greatest risks for introducing this animal disease to Canada.”