Biosecurity Front and Center for Poultry operations

Animal health officials are urging poultry operations to make sure they are implementing the tightest biosecurity measures possible. Gary Crawford reports…

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The White House has sent the Senate Agriculture Committee financial disclosure documents for Sonny Perdue, President Donald Trump’s Agriculture Secretary nominee. By sending the information to the committee, the White House has now opened a path to holding a confirmation hearing for Perdue.

President Donald Trump will host Chinese President Xi Jinping (she-gin-ping) in April at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The two-day meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 6th and 7th. Reuters says the planned summit would follow a string of other recent U.S.-China meetings, and conversations seeking to reaffirm ties following months of strong rhetoric from Trump against China. During his presidential campaign, Trump accused China of unfair trade policies, among other claims. Trump has yet to take any action regarding trade with China, including his promise to formally label China as a currency manipulator on his first day in office. China has warned of a trade war with the U.S., should the Trump administration ignore World Trade Organization rules by implementing new tariffs. The meeting is seen as a potential step to calm some trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

2016 was a record year for U.S. pork exports to Mexico. It was the fifth consecutive year of record export volume. The National Pork Board is getting a first-hand look at this key market this week. Pork Checkoff vice president of international marketing Becca Nepple says the board of directors is in Mexico City for a deep immersion into this key market…tape

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Nominations for the 2017 America’s Farmers Mom of the Year are now open. By nominating your favorite farm mom, she could win money for the farm and the community. This is the eighth year for the program. The five regional winners will receive $3,000 for personal use, and $2,000 to donate to their favorite local charity. A panel of judges from American Agri-Women will review nominations and help Monsanto select five regional winners. The public will vote for the national farm mom of the year who will receive an additional $2,000 to donate to their local charity. Nominations must be submitted before March 31th, 2017. To make a nomination, visit and submit an entry online.

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