Biofuelers, Oil Industry Both Disapprove of RFS Proposal

Neither the biofuels industry nor the oil industry seem happy with the latest Renewable Fuel Standard proposal to address waived biofuels.

Biofuel groups charge the proposal provides a loophole, as the EPA has previously ignored similar Energy Department recommendations. National Corn Growers Association President Kevin Ross says the proposal “fails to provide the assurance needed that EPA’s practices for granting waivers will change going forward.”

Meanwhile, the American Petroleum Institute released a statement alleging the Trump administration once again decided to “play politics with our fuel system.” API says the proposal includes “misguided reallocation of volumes” that will “punish oil companies to comply with the RFS.”

The Environmental Protection Agency released its supplemental rule proposal this week, directing the EPA to use a three-year average to determine waived volumes to be reallocated, based on recommendations from the Department of Energy.