B&H Foods Voluntarily Expands Recall


 Late last week, B&H Foods of Charlotte expanded its recall of Ruth’s pimento spread to include additional products, all of which were packed at the company’s plant in Chester, SC.  NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler says it was the right thing for the company to do.

The company launched the initial recall on February 2nd after a routine sample collected at retail by NCDA’s Food and Drug Protection Division tested positive for Listera monocytogenes, which could cause life-treatening illness, although no illnesses attributed to any B&H products has been reported to date.

For more information on the recall, including products, manufacture dates and product codes visit ncagr.gov/newsroom or contact the company at 1-800-532-0429 Monday through Friday, 7:00 am until 3:00 pm.

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