Be Watchful for Blight and Rust in Corn and Soybeans


Yesterday, we had a crop progress update in the eastern counties of North Carolina from Rod Gurganus, Director of Beaufort County Extension.  With this season’s rains, there is an increased possibility of moisture-related diseases, today, Gurganus expands on that issue in eastern North Carolina:”

Now, Ron Heiniger told us the other day that he has seen a little northern leaf blight, and also is a bit concern about southern corn rust.  Have you seen either one of those?

“I haven’t seen any southern corn rust, yet, or common rust either, for that matter, in the acres I’ve walked, but I know it’s to the south of us, that’s certainly going to be an area of concern, especially for these latter planted corn acres that we have this year. 

I have seen something that I’ve sent some samples in, that Ron and I talked about, that might be northern leaf blight, but I haven’t gotten the samples back, or confirmation of that, so I’m not absolutely sure, but there was definitely something there that did not look right.  And I’ve not seen it anywhere else, this is one isolated field, but the weather has been conducive for that disease, so, hopefully we’ll get a confirmation soon, and we’ll know what we’re dealing with.  I’m just hoping it’s not more widespread.

“Something like that could be an issue for us, especially in these later planted acres.  But, right now, I think we’re alright.”

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