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The Economic Perspective: “College Debt and Home-owning”

I’m Mary Walden with economist MW welcoming you to the economic perspective.  Today’s program looks at college debt and home-owning.  Mike, it’s well known that college debt has skyrocketed in recent years.  It’s also been observed that many young adults

Farmers and Neighbors Speak Out on Permits

It was a packed house at the James Sprunt Community College Auditorium on Tuesday as officials from the NC Department of Environmental Quality heard from citizens concerning new proposed livestock permits. Mike Davis reports.

NCDA&CS Maqrket Highlights for Thursday February 21

DAILY MARKET HIGHLIGHTS FOR SOUTHERN FARM NETWORK   The following is a summary of market prices and conditions of North Carolina farm products for February 20, 2019 reported by the Federal-State Markets News Service of the North Carolina Department of

African Swine Fever Found in Vietnam

African Swine Fever Virus has been found in two northern provinces of Vietnam, about 100 miles from the Chinese border. Outbreaks appeared on three farms, and all of the infected animals have been culled from their herds. Vietnam’s Animal Health

New Report Says Hold the Line on Chinese Tariffs, For Now

A new report out from the National Bureau of Asian Research warns the Trump Administration to temper its expectations on China significantly changing its economic policies. The bureau says China can’t make deep structural reforms to its economy in the

China Expanding Domestic Agriculture Reforms to Offset Future Trade Difficulties

The Chinese government says it will make changes in domestic agriculture policy to help it withstand potential trade difficulties in the future. The statement from Beijing comes after the country saw its weakest economic growth in almost three decades during

Ag Lenders Say Farmers Depend on Off-Farm Income

Another general economic recession is farmer’s nyumber one concern, according to one economist. American Farm Bureau Chief Economist John Schaefer, speaking during a panel of ag economists at the Crop Insurance Industry Convention, “Farm lenders say the reason why we

Cattle Market Looks Promising for 2019


2019 looks to be a profitable year for cattle producers, but margins will probably be narrower compared to last year. Bob Cervara reports for SFN.

Does it Feel Warmer to You?

rising temp

Yearly global temperatures continue to run warmer than the average of the last hundred years. Gary Crawford has this report.

Applications Now Open for 2019 Pork Industry Scholarships

The National Pork Board has opened the application process for the 2019 Pork Industry Scholarships. The program, now in its tenth year, is open to college juniors and seniors who have plans to pursue a career in swine production management