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Examples of Integrated Livestock Protection Methods

What are some of the tools that livestock producers have available to protect their animals from predators? Rod Bain reports.

What’s in the American Jobs Plan for Farmers and Rural Residents?

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure initiative, the American Jobs Plan, has quite a bit in it for rural residents and farmers. Gary Crawford takes a look on this edition of Agriculture USA.

FB: Farm Taxes Would Skyrocket Without Stepped-Up Basis

Tax policy is important in helping farmers pass their operations on to future generations. John Newton, chief economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation, talks about what eliminating the stepped-up basis will mean for farmers. “To reduce the capital gains

USDA Seeks Partners to Help Get Out the Word on Pandemic Assistance Efforts

USDA is seeking partners to help with outreach efforts regarding USDA pandemic assistance for ag producers. Stephanie Ho has the story.

Balanced Soil and How to Get it

Having a balanced soil is the building block to a successful crop. But, what does your soil in balance mean? Pat Tomlinson, Ag Spectrum District Sales Manager in Illinois, explains. “When we talk about a soil being in balance, we’re

The Prospective Plantings Puzzlement

Market analysts are still trying to figure out the puzzle presented by last week’s USDA Prospective Plantings report. Gary Crawford has more.

USDA Role in Climate Smart Ag and Forestry Advancement

What are some of the ways the Agriculture Department plans to foster climate smart agriculture and forestry per a recent Presidential executive order? Rod Bain reports.

NC Commissioner Steve Troxler: Spring Ushers in Strawberry Season

The recent cold temperatures kept strawberry growers busy frost protecting their plants, but it appears to have been successful. Fresh strawberries are starting to come in now in Eastern counties, with more expected over the next two weeks. I am

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: SEPC and Remembering Martin Eubanks

Last week, SCDA staff headed down to Orlando, Florida for Southern Exposure, hosted by the Southeast Produce Council. Here to tell us more is SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers. Southern Exposure is the first trade show that SCDA staff have

February Red Meat Exports Trail 2020; Outlook Still Strong

U.S. beef and pork exports in February remained behind the rapid pace set in early 2020, but USDA data compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation shows exports were consistent with USMEF’s February projections. The federation still expects 2021 beef