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Former Ag Secretary John Block’s Weekly Commentary – “How Do We Raise Prices?”

Hello everybody out there in farm country. This radio commentary is brought to you by the National Corn Growers Association and CropLife America. They are friends, supporters, and allies of a healthy farm economy and prosperous rural America. Thank you.

Grains & Oilseed Futures Plunge

Cattle futures extended their highs on Thursday, building on the momentum of an active cash market earlier this week. After a recent slowdown in the cash trade, sales between packers and feedyards took an upturn on Wednesday. Cattle sold for

SE Cotton Creeping Towards 80 Cents

  At the 2 weekly livestock auctions held Wednesday at North Wilkesboro and Norwood 1,025 cattle and 9 goats were sold. Slaughter cows were mostly steady; bulls were mostly steady to $2.00 higher.  Feeder steers were mostly steady to $3.00

Growers Looking For Tobacco Plants

  It’s the time of year when tobacco growers are setting plants, and many either find themselves a little short, or a little over.  Johnston County Extension Director Bryant Spivey says your Extension agent can help: “What happens when growers

Pee Dee Food Hub Launches Second Season


  Yesterday, we heard from the Director of the Pee Dee Food Hub in Marion County, South Carolina on the progress the business has made in just two years.  While the original mission has evolved some, and continues to do

South Carolina’s Abnormally Dry Conditions Creep Back In

  In the latest drought monitor released by the Drought Mitigation Center for conditions through Tuesday morning, South Carolina’s abnormally dry conditions increased from just under 90% to just over 93%.  The area of moderate drought was relatively stable at

AFBF Launches Market Intel Webpage

  The American Farm Bureau Federation this month launched a Market Intel webpage, featuring market analysis and information. AFBF market intelligence director John Newton says the analysis pieces will help farmers and ranchers make key decisions for their businesses… “American

Pee Dee Food Hub Launches Second Season


  Just over two years ago, the Pee Dee Food Hub in Marion County, South Carolina got started under the name of Agriporium.  While the mission remains largely the same, putting produce from the farm directly on the tables of

NCDA Appoints Three New Division Directors

  North Carolina Department of Agriculture has appointed three people to take over for retiring division directors.  John Howard will become the new Emergency Programs Director on May 1st, replacing Sharon Stewart.  Previously, he’s been an incident commander on the

NC Cash Strawberry Prices Holding Steady Amid Light Demand

Cattle:  At the livestock auction held Tuesday in Shelby a total of 314 cattle were sold.  Compared to last week, slaughter cows were 1.00 to 4.00 lower; while bulls were 1.00 to 3.00 higher.  Feeder cattle were mostly 6.00 to