Another Way to Evaluate $3.40 Corn

Farmers across the United States aren’t very happy with the price of corn in Chicago. However, a University of Illinois study shows they might reconsider what that price really means given the very good yields most harvested last fall. Todd Gleason shares more…tape

Price times yield equals income. It’s a pretty simple calculation, but one that’s pretty easy to dismiss when the price is really low. Gary Schnitkey wondered a bit about that as it relates to the nation’s corn and soybean farmers. So, the University of Illinois agricultural economist took some time to figure out just how close to the countywide trend-line yield every corn and soybean growing county in the nation came last fall. Most, he says, especially for soybeans, were above trend…tape

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Here’s an example of what all that means. Schnitkey uses Sangamon County Illinois where the trend-line yield for 2016 was 194 bushels to the acre and the actual countywide corn yield was 222…tape

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