Angus Annual Meeting Approaching in KC

Often the most successful people are those who are committed to constantly learning. The American Angus Association is set to host the 137th Angus Annual Meeting on November 8-9 at the Kansas City Convention Center. The Annual Meeting will not only be an opportunity to carry out official Angus business but also to further producer education, said Mark McCully, American Angus Association CEO.

“We got a great program that has been put together. There’ll be a combination of information and updates for Angus breeders and members. We’ve got some educational sessions, we’ll have some motivational and keynote speakers as well. We’re allowing for course, encouraging both. in person or virtual attendance. We’ll have some virtual options for folks to join us if that better suits their preferences.”

Among the many priorities of the American Angus Association making the Angus cow better is at the top of the list. From haplotypes to inventory-based AHIR reporting, these topics will discussed to help breeders focus on longevity and fertility.

“Both of these really important topics are again priorities for the board and they’re going to be priorities for the annual meeting coming up and going to be really a focal point of the education and of our speakers that are going to be in Kansas City at our annual meeting. We’re excited to be able to have experts there to talk about fertility haplotypes. We’re going to talk more about AHIR inventory-based options, and some of the other great programs that the association is putting together for membership.”

Aside from the meeting of delegates and educational opportunities, don’t miss out on the opportunity to here from a keynote speakers, Jordy Nelson and Kevin Oschner.

“So, in conjunction with some great educational options, obviously we’re going to do the important business meeting, the meeting of the delegates for the association and the election of a new board of directors, five new members coming onto the board. We’re also really excited about our keynote speakers. We’ve got Mr. Jordy Nelson, former NFL Green Bay Packer and Kevin Ochsner. Excited about the inspirational and motivational message that they’ll deliver and again, excited to have folks they’re joining us in person or virtually.”

In a year where few things have been normal the Association is looking forward to carrying out its “normal” business.

“You know, this year it’s been a year of change and modification but we’re really, really excited to be hosting the annual meeting, and we’re really looking forward to seeing everybody in Kansas City, or having you join us virtually. If you have any questions at all, of course, our team is here to help you. Give us a ring, shoot us an email. We want to help you walk through any questions that you might have.”

To register for the in person or online version of the 137th Angus Annual Meeting visit