Americans Have a Favoriable View of Farmers

Nearly 90 percent of Americans have a favorable view of farmers, and 92 percent said it was important to provide farmers with federal funding, according to a new national poll released this week.

The poll commissioned by the National Crop Insurance Services surveyed 1,000 registered voters in early April. John McHenry is the Vice President of North Star Opinion Research, the research firm that conducted the poll.

“86% of voters nationally say that they view farmers favorably, just 3% unfavorably, which is a number that you really don’t see for virtually any other professions. Second, is the really high level of support for spending federal dollars on farmers and farm policy. 92% said that either very important or somewhat important. Then the third big takeaway is the overwhelming support for some sort of assistance, particularly with insurance. Crop insurance is supported by a 2:1 margin, voters supported giving assistance to farmers due to the importance of the farm industry,” reports McHenry.

He says the favorability rating of 86% across party lines outshines confidence in any other types of institutions.

“When Gallop has asked in the past about confidence in institutions, the top ranked institution that they ask about is the military and they get 72% who say that they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the military. So these favorability numbers outstrip even what we see for support of the military, support of the police, support of small businesses or even churches. The other real surprise in the numbers is the lack of a partisan pattern, I’m so used to looking at numbers where the Republicans are way on one side and Democrats are way on the other side and we see support for farmers in the 80% across the board, a consistent level of support.”

As lawmakers will soon begin work to reauthorize a new farm bill McHenry says the poll results sends the message to law makers that voters approve of the current farm programs and how the programs are organized.

“Despite the partisanship we see in the country, there’s a broad partisan consensus for the way that policy works now, not only is this an issue that unifies people but they’re pretty well unified on how Congress has supported it in the past. Voters are frustrated nationally, you see that in support for Donald Trump, you see that in support for Bernie Sanders. They really want Congress to find solutions, and this is one of the rare highlights where you can say ‘Congress found a solution voters are happy with’.”

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