Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund announces 2014 Grant Recipients

The North Carolina Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund recently awarded nearly $2.3 million to help communities across the state protect farmland and promote agricultural enterprises. These grant recipients were applicants from the trust fund’s Cycle VII request for proposals. Funding resources included statewide general appropriations, Tennessee Valley Authority settlement funds and, for the first time, military funds.

The trust fund collaborated with the military to support agriculture and agribusiness in areas of the state where military bases and training are located. TVA settlement funds were distributed to a 17-county region in Western North Carolina.  To see a complete list of grants, visit SFNToday dot com.

SC Forestry Commission’s Fall Seedling Selection Now Available

The South Carolina Forestry Commission is now taking orders for seedlings for the winter planting season.  For the 2014-15 planting season 17 softwood and 14 hardwood and other plant selections are available, seven of which are available in containers.  The new catalogue features enhanced product descriptions and new artwork and a printable order form.

The SC Forestry Commission has been providing healthy and dependable tree seedlings since 1928.  For a link to access the catalogue visit

NPPC Calls On Japan To Nix ‘Gate Price’ On Pork

The National Pork Producers Council sent a letter to President Obama last week asking U.S. negotiators to insist Japan eliminates the so-called Gate Price on U.S. Pork in the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership talks.  NPPC told Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman that the Gate Price has associated with it a long history of fraud and criminal activity, and it discriminates against Japanese consumers by putting upward pressure on food prices and has prompted Japanese meat processing companies to move their factories to other Asian nations, costing the country much-needed jobs.  Japan is the No. 1 export market for U.S. pork, which shipped nearly $2 billion of products to the island nation in 2013.

Implementation of WOTUS Could Bring Financial Hardship to Farmers

Expected record corn and soybean harvests and plummeting profits this year, will make it even harder for producers to absorb the cost of proposed new government rules.  The largest expected corn and possibly soybean crops in history this year could knock a whopping 27-percent off farmers’ profits, as prices plummet.  American Farm Bureau’s Dale Moore says that’s not the best time to heap on new clean water or other costly government regulations:

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