AFBF Launches Market Intel Webpage


The American Farm Bureau Federation this month launched a Market Intel webpage, featuring market analysis and information. AFBF market intelligence director John Newton says the analysis pieces will help farmers and ranchers make key decisions for their businesses…

“American Farm Bureau Federation launched Market Intelligence because our farmers and ranchers need access to timely market updates as they make key growing, planting, harvesting and marketing decisions.”

Newton says the reports will cover a variety of topics important to farmers and ranchers…

“The Market Intl updates will cover a number of topics over the next few weeks.  Issues that we continue monitor include e the situation and outlook on US farm income, crop progress as growers get out in the fields and start planting the crops across the United States as well as other economic conditions that may arise.”                                 

Newton says AFBF expert economists will contribute regularly to the Market Intel section…

“We have a team of economist here at American Farm Bureau Federation with expertise across a number of categories.  We have experts in livestock markets, crop markets, trade as well as the overall macro-economy.  And all of these economist will be making frequent and regular contributions to the Market Intel website”.                    


You can find the AFBF market intel reports online at FB dot org slash market intel.

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