Added Value Ag Curriculum Available for Teachers


The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center has put together a curriculum to educate students on value-added agriculture.  Just a few of the topics covered include business development, commodities and products, aquaculture, biomass, and much more.  Ag teacher John Rasty says the curriculum takes students through many different topics…

“From natural resources to energy, to different types of livestock, grains, anything you can think of, all different kinds of topics, and they’re all related to value-added agriculture.  The curriculum helps walk students through the information and gives them activities that helps reinforce the learning of that information.”

The curriculum is generalized in order to not focus on any particular region of the country.  It’s designed for ag teachers or any teachers who are working on a particular ag subject.  He talked about how he uses the curriculum in his own classroom…

“I’ve got a natural resources unit that will be coming up in one of my classes,  so I’ll be able to go on, it’s really simple for me to use, I can go through and I can tell the students where to go to find their instructions and find their information and it walks them through, then I can go into that same unit, I can look in the instructor resources, it gives me the learning outcome, the objectives and more in-depth directions for me, as a teacher.”            

Designing the curriculum was a very important job as it filled a definite need, especially for new teachers…

“For me, especially as a teacher just getting started, it’s difficult to find good, usable curriculum to help you teach your classes well, and efficiently.  This is a good way to prepare myself as a teacher and help out other teachers that are in a similar boat.”              

Rasty hopes the curriculum helps new and veteran teachers all across the country…

“I hope it helps some.  This information is updated all the time, I hope it helps the teachers find a reliable place to get the information that they’re using, and gives the students credible information to work with.”                    

For more information on the curriculum, check out

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