Abnormally Dry Conditions Expand in North Carolina


Abnormally dry conditions re-appeared in a big way this week as reported in the Drought Monitor released by the Drought Mitigation Center for conditions through Tuesday morning.  Just over 70% of the state is now reporting abnormally dry conditions, compared to just over 27% the previous week. Other categories of drought remained the same.  The area of abnormally dry conditions encompasses all of North Carolina’s Piedmont region from the Virginia border to Columbus and Brunswick Counties.  The area around and just north of the city of Charlotte, as well as the Coastal Plain remain drought free.  The data reported does not include the widespread rain on Wednesday.

Slight Increase in South Carolina’s Abnormally Dry Conditions

Abnormally dry conditions re-appeared in South Carolina this week in the upper coastal region, with over 40% of the state now reporting abnormally dry conditions, compared to just under 29% the previous week.  the other categories of drought were little changed in the report that came out Thursday for conditions through Tuesday morning.  The Pee Dee region, and the Low Country remain drought free.

Hard Freeze Still Possible

USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, says that just because much of the country has had very warm weather this month, a crop killing freeze is still very possible.

Warm January Not a Record-Setter

Government forecasters say January was warm but not a record setter, worldwide. Deke Arndt heads NOAA”s National Centers for Environmental Information;

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