Premises Identification a Key to Hog Farm Biosecurity

Premise Identification is critically important for livestock operations. Dr. Pam Zaabel, Pork Checkoff Director of Swine Health Information, says the PRIM ID could be compared to our social security number.

“As a social security number for us, it can tie our medical information and our financial information, and so on, together. That’s the equivalent of what that Premises Identification Number, or PIN, is for that site. So, it ties in where the animals are, and then it ties into diagnostic test results, as well as any movement information of animals, both on and off the site, as well as other movements and other information for that site. So, in the event that we have an African Swine Fever outbreak, it would be a matter that any samples that are submitted, collected from that site, and sent to the diagnostic lab would have that Premises Identification Number on it, and then those test results would be tied back to that site. So, it’s so important for those sites to have an accurate PIN that does reflect the location of the animals.”

A foreign animal disease could happen at any time. Zaabel says it is important to prepare now so the industry can respond properly. The AgView system is a customizable data integration analysis tool, which can be part of that preparation process.

“Producers put their information into the dashboard or into the AgView system, and they control who they share it with. So, it’s not shared unless they provide that permission to be shared, and so, preparing ahead of time and uploading their information. Then, in the event that we do unfortunately become infected with a foreign animal disease, they could give the permission to their animal health officials their data, which would include anything from diagnostic tests and their biosecurity plan, to all their movement records, all that information could be within that system, and then the animal health officials would be able to view that in this easy-to-use dashboard to be able to make quicker decisions as far as for the disease response and permitting pig movement.”

Additional measures are being addressed for the Pork Checkoff’s Secure Pork Plan. That includes a strategy to assist on-farm personnel to collect diagnostic samples.

“So that in the event of an outbreak, that we have people on-site that can collect these samples when the animal health officials allow them to do so, because we know that in the event of an outbreak that some of our resources are going to be stressed and it may be difficult for animal health officials to send people to production sites to collect these samples. So, the better-prepared we can have our on-farm personnel to be able to collect those, I think the better-prepared we will be.”

The AgView system will be rolled out later this year. For more information, producers can contact the Pork Checkoff Service Center. Go to or call 800-456-PORK.