NPPC Looking for White House Movement on TPP; NC = Job Ready

The National Pork Producers says it’s encouraged by the administration’s openness to re-entering TPP, but it has yet to see evidence the White House is serious about doing so, even as a critical date approaches in March. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is about to take effect, without the U.S., after President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the deal early in his term.

Recent developments, including a letter that 25 GOP senators sent to Trump urging re-engagement, have given the ag sector some hope. NPPC’s Dave Warner says getting through that door could be less meaningful after the remaining partners sign their own deal in March.

North Carolina is joining 19 others in an innovative program to help people be job ready. The Tar Heel State was selected to be part of the Skillful State Network – which will prioritize training for people in need of a job for specific marketable skills. State Deputy Secretary of Commerce Napoleon Wallace says while degree and credential programs are important – it’s hands-on knowledge that has the quickest results.

The Skillful Network is an initiative by the Markle Foundation and offers coaches and services to connect job seekers with skills that are in demand. The program started in Colorado, and Microsoft contributed more than 25-million dollars in 2017.

The Agriculture Department official in charge of trade is employing some baseball strategy in his approach to boosting export sales of U.S. agricultural products. Gary Crawford reports from the ball field…