“Food Security is National Security”; Saving America’s Pollinators

A member of the House Ag Committee says food security has become national security. Ralph Abraham, a Republican from Louisiana, is a physician and former veterinarian…


A bill titled The Saving America’s Pollinators Act has been introduced in congress. The legislation is designed to protect the health of honey bees and other critical pollinators. Estimates are that the U.S. lost one-third of honeybee colonies between 2016 and 2017, with similar losses occurring in previous years. To help bring a halt to the trend, the legislation suspends the use of bee-toxic insecticides, which have been linked to the declining population of pollinators. It also would require the Environmental Protection Agency to do a thorough evaluation to make sure using these insecticides is not adversely affecting pollinator populations.


A group of graduate students at the University of Minnesota is asking Congress to streamline the approval process for GMO crops that produce food and fiber. They believe the regulatory hoops that companies need to jump through to commercialize new traits are slowing down innovation.

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