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The Economic Perspective: “Are Households Getting Smaller?”

Mary:  I’m Mary Walden with economist MW, welcoming you to the economic perspective.  Today’s program asks if households are getting smaller. Mike, a household is one of our key social measures.  A households consists simply of people living under the

National Average Gas Price Drops Below $2.00

Gas pump

The U.S. national average for gasoline has fallen to $1.99 per gallon, the first time since March 23, 2016. Gasoline prices have continuously dropped nationwide since February 20, 2020 as the coronavirus crushes the demand for oil and lockdowns reduce

State Beef Councils Win Major Legal Victory

The Beef Checkoff program and fifteen grassroots-led state beef councils won a major court victory  as the United States District Court of Montana ruled in favor of USDA and the Montana Beef Council in the case of R-CALF vs. Sonny

Hogs Reports Shows Growth

As of March 1, the U.S. inventory of hogs and pigs was 77.6 million head. That’s up four percent from one year ago and down one percent from December of 2019. The breeding hog inventory at 6.3 million was up

USDA Extends ReConnect Application Deadline to April 15

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, USDA is extending the deadline for ReConnect Pilot Program applications to April 15. The extension allows rural businesses, cooperatives, and communities extra time to apply for assistance that will help bring high-speed broadband connectivity

Online Grocery Orders Booming During Outbreak

Consumers are ordering more goods and groceries online during the COVID-19 pandemic according to a survey released by Grocery Dive, a web-based grocery industry publication. Grocery Dive reports 31 percent of U.S. households have used online grocery services over the

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: COVID-19 Update

As state and city regulations are put in place to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in South Carolina, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture is providing valuable resources and information to farmers, processors and the general public. Here to

NC Commissioner Steve Troxler: NCDA&CS, COVID-19, and Agriculture

Two weeks ago we were talking above COVID-19 and what NCDA&CS was doing in anticipation and preparation. What a difference two weeks has made. There have been almost daily changes and updates and we have been busy working to keep

The Economic Perspective: “The New Middle Class”

Mary:  I’m Mary Walden, with economist MW, welcoming you to the economic perspective.  Today’s program looks at the new middle class. Mike, there have been worries that middle class jobs are disappearing.  Jobs in manufacturing, warehousing, construction, and even some

State Department to Accelerate H-2A Approvals

The U.S. State Department says will speed up approvals of H-2A farm workers by waiving interviews for many applicants. Late last week, the State Department said consular officers have the option to go ahead and “waive the visa interview for