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Trade Relief Package Favors Soybeans

The Department of Agriculture’s trade relief package is drawing criticism for its higher payout for soybean production over corn. Soybeans are a hotter commodity for China. The payments are based on 2018 production levels that must be certified and provided

Bernie Sanders Wants Employers to Pay for SNAP

A bill by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) seeks to make big companies pay up for SNAP benefits their employees receive. Sanders plans to introduce the bill next week on the same day the farm bill conferees meet. The bill would

Canada Returns to NAFTA Talks

Negotiators from Canada rushed to Washington, D.C. this week to resume talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement with the United States following the U.S. framework agreement with Mexico. Business groups in Canada say it is possible that Canada

Trade Lawyer Talks on U.S. Agreement with Mexico

The United States and Mexico have the framework of an agreement in place to update the North American Free Trade Agreement. International Trade and Customs Lawyer Daniel Ujczo of Dickinson Wright in Columbus, Ohio, breaks it down with SFN’s Mike

A Week of Big Announcements in Washington

The U.S. and Mexico have reached a partial NAFTA deal, and USDA announced details of a tariff rescue package for U.S. producers. Mike Davis reports. Find details of the USDA rescue plan here.

The Shape of Water…….Melon


If you hope to hear newly uncovered facts of vital interest about watermelons, you may be disappointed with this edition of AGRICULTURE USA, hosted by Gary Crawford. But if you accidentally learn something, that’s OK, too.

The e-Connectivity Advantage on the Farm

An Alabama dairy farmer is among those ag producers nationwide who know first-hand what a lack of e-connectivity can mean to their business. Rod Bain reports.

Economist Mike Walden: When to Take Social Security?

Retirees can begin receiving Social Security checks as early as age 62.  But I have frequently heard it is wise to delay beginning Social Security until much later.  Is this true? For the average person with the average lifespan, yes

China Grain Imports Plunge Amidst Tariffs

Imports of grain to China plunged in July after rounds of heavy tariffs between the U.S. and China were enacted. Data reviewed by Reuters shows China imported 220,000 metric tons of sorghum in July, down 62.5 percent from 588,300 metric

Farm Groups Respond to NAFTA Announcement

Farm country overall shows reserved optimism regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement announcement Monday. The announcement marks a step forward, as Mexico and the U.S. have a basic agreement in place. But with Canada yet to be included, many