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Economist Mike Walden: The Double Edge of Higher Interest Rates

Interest rates appear to be moving higher.  But I don’t know if we should be applauding or booing the move.  It seems like higher interest rates will impact different people differently.  Am I correct? you are the two groups are

Wheat Harvest Just Days Away; Corn Off to Slow Start

The Soft winter wheat crop is just about ready for harvesting. Dan Weathington, Executive Director of the NC Small Grain Growers Association, says the outlook for this season’s crop is a good one. And, DEKALB/Asgrow/Deltapine agronomist Mike Baker tells us

A New Face and New Energy at NCARS

There’s a new face at the NC Agricultural Research Service. Meet Dr. Natalie Hummel, Assistant Director of NCARS and Director of the University Field Stations and Research Labs.

Economist Mike Walden: The Key to Faster Economic Growth


There is a widespread desire to see faster economic growth.  The belief is if the economic growth accelerates, then job growth will be stronger and wage and salaries will rise. How can we get the economy to expand more rapidly?

Trade Ice is Thawing, and Those Darned Gas Prices…

Gas pump

China and the US have pulled back from the brink of a trade war, with more talks promised next week. NC State University ag economist Dr. Mike Walden talks with Patrick Johnson on WPTF in Raleigh about the change in

Organic Farmers Association Applauds Organic Checkoff Withdrawal

The Organic Farmers Association is happy the U.S. Department of Agriculture has terminated its plan to establish a mandatory national research and promotion program for organics. Jennifer Taylor, Vice President of the OFA, says, “Organic farmers already fulfill a heavy

House Members Want End to Thailand Ban of U.S. Pork

Members of the House of Representatives have sent a letter to Taiwan’s Ambassador to the U.S. asking for the removal of import restrictions on American agricultural products, including pork. The bipartisan letter was signed by 44 House members and sponsored

What’s Next for China-U.S. Trade?

The preliminary trade agreement between China and the U.S. announced over the weekend raises more questions than it answers. Politico says no one knows how soon it comes together and things start to happen. While China agreed to buy significantly

NCDA Market highlights for Wednesday May 23

At the 2 weekly livestock auctions held Monday at Turnersburg and Siler City a total of 1270 cattle and 25 goats were sold.  Compared to the previous sales, slaughter cattle were mostly steady to $3.00 higher.  Feeder cattle were mostly

Economist Mike Walden: A Widening Trade Deficit

The trade deficit – which measures the difference between the value of products and services the country imports against the value of products and services our nation exports – widened last year.  Why did this happen? Instructive to look at