Monthly Archives: February 2018

NC Market Highlights for Friday Feb. 23

Cattle:  At the livestock auctions held Tuesday in Mount Airy and Shelby, a total of 489 cattle and 2 goats were sold.  Compared to last week, slaughter cows were mostly 5.50 to 6.00 higher; and bulls were 4.00 to 5.00

Economist Mike Walden: Good Paying Jobs Not Requiring College

Most young people want a good paying job.  But some either are not interested in going to college, or they don’t have the money to pay for college.  Does that mean they have no options for a decent paycheck? first,

A Ten-Year Look Ahead for Ag Prices, Income, and Exports

What’s in store for U.S. farmers over the next decade? Agriculture Department analysts have released their answers to that question. Gary Crawford has more for the SFN…

Safeguarding Swine Health

The Swine Health Information Center has finalized its 2018 Plan of Work. SHIC Executive Director Dr. Paul Sundberg says this effort is designed to respond quickly and effectively to emerging diseases… This past year, the Swine Health Information finalized the

Renovating those Toxic Tall Fescue Pastures

Tall fescue is a popular grass used for grazing, hay and erosion control in the eastern United States, but experts believe this grass could be responsible for more than $1 billion per year in livestock production losses. Dr. John Andrae

NC Market Highlights for Thursday Feb. 22

At the 3 weekly livestock auctions held Monday at Canton, Turnersburg, and Siler City a total of 1889 cattle and 54 goats were sold.  Compared to the previous sales, slaughter cows were mostly $1.00 to $8.00 higher, bulls were steady

Senators to Trump: “Rejoin TPP”

A group of Republican Senators is urging President Donald Trump to rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. The 25 lawmakers encouraged Trump to “work aggressively to secure reforms that would allow the United States to join the agreement.” In a

Economist Mike Walden: The Solar Panel Debate

Recently the Trump Administration imposed significant tariffs on the importing of solar panels to our country.  I have three questions about this.  First, what are tariffs?  Second, why did the administration impose them?  And third, what will be the impacts?

An Initiative To Improve Water Quality

There are some new additions to a USDA conservation initiative designed to improve both water quality and farmland operations. Rod Bain reports for SFN.

Red Meat and Poultry Consumption on the Rise

Per capita use of red meat (beef and pork) and poultry (broilers and turkey) is projected to rise from roughly 218 pounds per person in 2017 to 222 pounds by 2027, according to the ten-year projections in a new report