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Fishermen vs Wind Farmers; Touchdown Hemp!

East Coast fishermen are turning a wary eye toward an emerging upstart: the offshore wind industry. In New Bedford, Massachusetts, fishermen say they dread navigating hundreds of turbines to get to their historic fishing grounds if three large scale wind

Mike Walden: Is Bitcoin the same as Money?

Today’s program asks if bitcoin is the same as money.  Mike, bitcoin is a type of cyber currency, where people can buy and sell items without using official government money.  Does this mean bitcoin is the same as money? Mike: 

Mike Walden: The Growth of Solar Power

I’m Mary Walden with economist Mike Walden welcoming you to the economic perspective.  Today’s program looks at the growth of solar power.   Mike, there’s been a move in the country and our state to increase our use of renewable resources

NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler: Food Business Conference Feb. 14

The Food Business Conference is coming to Durham on February 14. the Cost is $55 per person, or $45 if you register before January 5. Commissioner Steve Troxler has the details in this interview. For more information, contact agribusiness developer

NC Market Highlights Dec. 25

At the weekly livestock auctions held Wednesday at Norwood and North Wilkesboro 537 cattle and 4 goats were sold. Slaughter cows were mostly steady to $6.00 higher, bulls were mostly steady to $4.00 higher when compared to the previous sales. 

Mike Walden: Impact of NAFTA’s Termination

  Today’s program looks at the economic impact of a possible termination of NAFTA.  Mike, NAFTA, which stands for the North American Free Trade Agreement, is currently being renegotiated by the treaty’s partners – the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

A different Kind of Farming

Christmas tree farming is similar to other types of agriculture in many ways. Tree farming has seen ups-and-downs in production levels and prices. There are currently at least a few Christmas tree farms in every state in the union. Many

Santa Still a Huge World Star with a Long Career

Alexander Hamilton is now a big star, thanks to the hit musical, but he hasn’t eclipsed Santa in popularity. Gary Crawford has the history of Ol’ Saint nick.

Discipline Will Be Key for 2018 Poultry Marketing

The global poultry industry’s outlook for 2018 is promising on the strength of demand growth, but discipline in supply production will be required in the face of challenges such as the possible return of avian influenza and competition from beef

Future of NAFTA in the Balance

Key trade and ag senators met with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer this week to get an update on the North American Free Trade Agreement that many observers fear the Trump Administration may ditch. And, there may be a new