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Former Ag Secretary John Block’s Weekly Commentary – “Donald Trump”

Hello everybody out there in farm country. This radio commentary is brought to you by John Deere and the National Corn Growers Association. They are all friends, supporters, and allies of a healthy farm economy and prosperous rural America. Thank

Benevolent Midwestern Weather Pushes Grains & Soybeans Lower

Hog futures extended their steep fall on Thursday, ending at a fresh three-month low as a steady uptick in hog supplies coincides with a drop in pork exports. Lean-hog futures for August slid 282 to 68.85. Most-active October futures dropped

NASS Fall Surveys Allows Producers to Track Performance

  The Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service is encouraging producers to participate in the many fall surveys. Information gathered in the surveys helps USDA agencies and offers farmers insight to production. Hubert Hamer serves USDA NASS as the

Planting Sweetgum Trees; One and Done

  Yesterday, we heard from Scott Merkle, professor and associate dean of Research at the Warnell School of forestry at the University of Georgia in Athens on his research on hybrid sweetgum trees.  Quality sweetgum is a desirable product to

North Carolina’s Abnormally Dry Conditions Increase Slightly

  North Carolina’s abnormally dry conditions increased slightly, as reported in the latest drought monitor released by the Drought Mitigation Center for conditions through Tuesday, from 16.41% to 16.53%.  The area experiencing moderate drought increased slightly from 9.52% to 10.08%,

NC Cash Grains Fall in Tandem with Futures

At the 2 livestock auctions held Wednesday at North Wilkesboro and Norwood a total of 400 cattle and 11 goats were sold.  Slaughter cows were $2.00 higher; slaughter bulls were mostly $2.00 lower. Feeder heifers were mostly $4.00 to $5.00

NC State Ag Economist Dr. Mike Walden – “North Carolina Has Both Kinds of Growth”

  Mary:  This is Mary Walden with economist MW, welcoming you to the economic perspective.  Today’s program looks at how North Carolina has both kinds of growth.   Mike, cities do not grow at the same rate.  Recently, a nationally renowned

Ready Hog Supplies Push Futures Lower

The cattle market extended gains for a fourth straight session, climbing to the highest levels in nearly one month as supplies look to expand this fall less than previously feared. August live-cattle futures rose 7 to $113, Cattle futures for

NC State Ag Economist Dr. Mike Walden – “A Warehouse Boom”

  Mary:  I’m Mary Walden, with economist MW, welcoming you to the economic perspective.   Today’s program looks at a warehouse boom.  Mike, there are reports of a construction boom going on in the country.  But it’s not home, it’s not

Heat Wave Too Late to Do Heavy Damage to Corn

  Since March, Dr. Ron Heiniger, NC State Extension Corn Specialist has said we have a promising corn crop.  With planting dates all over the board, some of the crop is at a vulnerable stage with this week’s heat wave: