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How Late Can You Plant Soybeans?

How Late Can You Plant Soybeans?      The later you plant, the more dependent you are on the weather.  It’s not so much that we can’t produce a good crop of soybeans planted late, as it is that we are

July 4th Cookout Cost Still Under $6 Per Person

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Fourth of July cookout of Americans’ favorite foods costs slightly less this year, coming in at less than $6 per person. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), that cost includes hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pork

Three Inducted into the Lever Hall of Fame

Wheat Futures Soar on Forecast for Rain

Hog futures ended the session mixed Monday, reflecting the outlook from a federal inventory report issued last week that showed a bulge in available supplies potentially waning late this year. July hogs fell 120 to 74.25, August fell 105 to

NC State Econonmist Dr. Mike Walden – “Should We Certify College Degrees?”

  Mary:    I’m Mary Walden with economist MW welcoming you to the economic perspective.  Today’s program asks if we should certify college degrees.  Mike, with higher education becoming a more important element in obtaining a good paying job, the focus

High Season at North Carolina’s Farmers’ Markets

It’s the best time of year to be a farmer’s market. This is the height of the summer season. Everything that is grown in NC is on the market right now. North Carolina Ag commissioner Steve Troxler: “We have over

NC Cash Grains Fail to Rise with Futures

Cattle:  At the livestock auction held Friday in Siler City a total of 898 cattle and 92 goats were sold.  Compared to last week, slaughter cows were steady to 1.00 lower; while slaughter bulls were steady to 8.00 higher.  Broiler-Fryers: 

House Ag Committee Chair Visits North Carolina

North Carolina’s 7th district representative, David Rouzer hosted House Ag Committee Chair Mike Conaway on Monday in Raleigh in a round-table discussion with the state’s agriculture leaders and stakeholders to hear directly from them what their concerns and issues are.

N.C. A&T partners with Local Montagnard Group

An agriculture research project at North Carolina A&T State University will establish recommendations for small-scale urban vegetable production for the Piedmont. The project is an innovative partnership between N.C. A&T’s School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (SAES) and a Montagnard

The EPA’s big land grab

The EPA just finalized one of the biggest land grabs in American history. Under the Clean Water Rule, all “tributaries” will be categorically regulated by the federal government. Tributaries — which quite literally mean anything with a bed, banks and