2015 Beaufort Hyde Washington and Tyrrell County Corn Hybrid Trials

On behalf of Anna-Beth Stewart (Washington County Extension Agent) and Andrea Gibbs (Hyde County Extension Agent), follow the link below (or see the attached version) for the results of our corn hybrid trials.  Thanks to all the farmers who hosted these test plots. All readings are in bushels/acre.

You will notice a wide range of average yields across locations.  To a degree, this is indicative of the impacts of abnormal rainfall in the Pantego, Belhaven, and Grassy Ridge areas especially.

While we feel good about these trials, the most puzzling was the Haslin Farms location.  The corn around this site was much better than the trial indicated.  The lower yields there are not easily explained (believe me, we have tried), so don’t call me to ask why they are…I don’t know.




Rod Gurganus
Beaufort County Extension Director