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NC State Economist Mike Walden – Job Growth and Unemployment

Mary Walden:  “Mike, rules of thumb are useful in many areas of life, but sometimes they can become outdated and in need of revision.  What’s the rule of thumb today about the number of jobs that need to be created

In North Carolina, a 20-fold increase in fines for seed piracy

North Carolina’s peanut belt got the kind of rain in 2013 that three decades ago could have wiped out the peanut crop. The deluge of precipitation was ideal for nurturing devastating diseases for the harvests, but farmers had a defense:

Freeze Damage in NC Wheat

We are seeing freeze damaged wheat on significant acres in Washington and Beaufort Counties. Ron Heiniger has explained that the main tillers were killed, causing the remaining tillers to be forced to put on heads in a hurry, resulting in

Grain Bin Safety & Rescue Training being Offered

Perdue Agribusness is offering a Grain Bin Rescue Training course in Belhaven, North Carolina on Saturday, May 31st.  Class gets underway at 8:00 am and class size is limited, so please RSVP by Wednesday, May 28th by calling (252)943-3061 ext

NC Ag Commissioner Encourages Producers to Prepare for Hurricane Season

NC Hurricane season starts this Sunday. Weather researchers at NC State have some things to tell us. North Carolina Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler: “I think their numbers will be right on track. We have to remember that hurricane season runs

USDA’s Strike Force Initiative Comes to the Carolinas

USDA’s Strike Force Initiative is in its third year, and this year the Farm Service Agency is the lead federal agency.  Bob Etheridge, State Farm Service Agency Director for North Carolina explains the Strike Force initiative: “The reason is that

SC Ag Commissioner Tours Texas and Mexico Border

Recently the SC Ag Commissioner spent some time in Texas talking about border security and how to legally get migrant workers into he country to work on our farms. South Carolina Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers: “We talk about immigration and

NC State Economist Mike Walden – Defining the Labor Force

Mary Walden:  “Mike, each month when the job numbers are released, we also hear about changes in the labor force.  Can you give us an easy way to distinguish between the labor force, and jobs?” Mike Walden: “Let me try,

Kudzu Bug Expectations for 2014

I have been monitoring a kudzu patch in Edgecombe Co. since late April this year.  As expected, adults from overwintering flocked to kudzu to feed, mate and lay eggs.  These adults were produced from last year’s batch and survived our

Cotton and Soybean Injury From Pre Applied Herbicides

Walked a few fields and gotten more calls on pre emergence herbicide injury to cotton and soybean.  This does not come as a surprise given the “Blackberry Winter” we had last week coupled with heavy rain. Cotton and soybean planted